Doge coin investment - Ponzi/Scam


do if u like bit connect and getting crazy % back here one for doge coins going to chick it out will post pic as i go adding 4471 dogecoine in 10 days it will end up being 2233 so 20 days will get my ROI back going to reinvest it all back stoping when i am getting $20 a day but as ryanw would say

Do not “invest” anything that you aren’t willing to throw in the garbage right now.

In this project you can invest with Dogecoin (DOGE).

You gonna feel rich when investing huge amount of coins

They offer 5% daily
Min. Deposit 300 DOGE
Max. Deposit 24 999 DOGE


Daily Profit
-1 DOGE for miners

Admin Edit - URL Removed. These forums do not support ponzi schemes in any way, and we will do our best to alert users of such schemes. If you run into any websites promising huge returns such as this, STEER CLEAR. You will lose all of your money. Some of these sites are even just created to pull in some deposits, and then shut down immediately…not even paying out promised dividends.


Hmm… seems like a scam to me…


There all scam the key is to get your money out be for it all go down here what I’m going to do i just added more doge coin to it like i had some that i do not mind throwing in to the garbage so the first 10 days ever day i will be passing it out here ppl will get 300 doge coin from me to add to this for free u can keep the 15 doge coin but send the 300 to this and use my link what do u say ? But all coins will be sold to buy burst



I have removed the link to this ponzi scheme. I would like to urge every user to never deposit money into any of these types of websites promising huge returns. You will only lose your money.