Is there a way to downloading blockchain faster is stuck in 08/18/2019

Is it permanently stuck, or just slow?

is stuck…

can I ask you a question

why do i get this message
12:26:31 New block 700441, basetarget 48634, netDiff 376797 Tb, poc2 ** Change to find a block : 0.00195% (7534 gb) or how can I fix this

You are solo mining there? It looks like a message you would get if you were.

Are you needing to run a full node? If so, you can pop off blocks to hopefully get the sync restarted

In Qbundle: “Wallet” -> “Advanced” -> “Rollback chain”.

yes but i like to go to a pool but i don;t know how to set it up can you help me

Also how is running a full node fully synchronized
but will i get any burst mining solo