Dynamic plotting VS Normal plotting

Good morning,
Iโ€™m new to this forum and to burstcoin.

I am searching information about dynamic plotting but no one describes what dynamic plotting do.

I have a 2TB disk. I am undecided whether to make two complete plots of 1TB each or make the 1TB dynamic plotting hoping that it create 2 consecutive plots.

Thank you. :blush:



Fabio I suggest you create just one 2TB plot. I have not heard about what Dynamic plotting is and have been at this now going on 5 months with 21 plotted drives.

I suggest you get going and earn some coins and not put too much stake in the plotting process. No one likes to plot but unfortunately it has to be done. My suggestion is to stay away from GPU plotting if you can avoid. GPU plotting will require to later optimize the plot file by running a second program over it and have the space to do so on another drive.

Try to use the xplotter_avx.exe or the xplotter_avx2.exe (20% faster) program if you can to plot. When done using your plots will be optimized from the get go. These plotters are CPU plotters. By the time you figure this out you would have been done plotting and mining your 2TB drive.

See this thread with another miner on plotting information that will help you.

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Thank you Digidigm,

itโ€™s a function of the Windows wallet QBundle and I was curious to understand how it works :grin:

Another little question, I have two pc, one old (wallet and miner) and a server (general purpose).
Can I plot a file using server with 16 cores (with numericID of the wallet) and then transfer the file to the old pc where is the miner?

Yes I do something similar all the time. Make sure your plot files DO NOT OVERLAP. If you need a batch orogram that will help with that. Let me know and I can post mine. Just change the variables and your good.

Yes, your program would be very appreciated :smiley:
Thank you again.