Er... best deadline: 8y 7m 15d 06:31:23?


I literally just started mining so maybe the answer is “let it settle for a while” and, in fact, I’m going to do just that & go grab a few hours of sleep. But if that’s not the answer, WTF am I doing wrong?

I’m using creepMiner 1.7.13 freshly built on my Ubuntu 16.04.3 box. My plot file is only 200G ('cause I’m just getting started & haven’t plugged in the other drives). I’m using the as-shipped mining.conf with my pool information replacing the defaults. I’m not seeing any errors from dmesg, journalctl or in /var/log. So…?

00:17:38: Block 439,720 ended in 00:08:38
00:17:38: --------------------------------------------------
00:17:38: block# 439,721
00:17:38: scoop# 634
00:17:38: baseTarget# 121,336
00:17:38: gensig bde887a3bee3e7b4a35c816397d0c186
00:17:38: 509c7f18b36bd8356634b41c00ff701d
00:17:38: difficulty 151,028 (-7,020)
00:17:38: --------------------------------------------------
00:17:39: Dir /home/miner/burst/plots read in 1.430s (~32.86 MB/s)
00:17:39: 1 file (188.00 GB)
00:17:39: Processed block 439,721
00:17:39: round time: 1.471s
00:17:39: best deadline: 8y 7m 15d 06:31:23


Most deadlines are long like that. You have very little plotted space believe it or not…difficulty is hard and getting harder by the day. For example, 1TB maybe would get you a few per day MAYBE…and that’s an average.

So, your miner is working fine as far as I can tell :slight_smile:


OK, cool. Thanks!
I’ve got four 4TB drives that are just collecting dust. I didn’t want to mess with them until I was comfortable that I have things setup correctly.