Erroneous overlapping messages

I’ve been plotting a 8 TB drive. All has been going well. The miner was using the files just fine, and still is. But!
At the start of the mining program, I get the following strange warnings that list each plot file that I have, saying that it is overlapping WITH ITSELF. That can’t even be possible. LOL. It has also reports double the gigabytes that I have in plot files. When I launch the plotter from Qbundle, each file is listed only once in the dialog screen.

RAM: 32768 Mb
Pool address burst . cryptoguru . org (ip 78 . 46 . 172 . 170:8124)
Updater address burst . cryptoguru . org (ip 78 . 46 . 172 . 170:8124)
Using plots:
N:\plots files: 10 size: 6304 Gb
N:\Plots files: 10 size: 6304 Gb
TOTAL: 12608 Gb

WARNING: N:\plots\420350013582566495_0_4030464_4030464 and
N:\Plots\420350013582566495_0_4030464_4030464 are overlapped

WARNING: N:\plots\420350013582566495_12091396_4030464_4030464 and
N:\Plots\420350013582566495_12091396_4030464_4030464 are overlapped

WARNING: N:\plots\420350013582566495_16121861_4030464_4030464 and
N:\Plots\420350013582566495_16121861_4030464_4030464 are overlapped

WARNING: N:\plots\420350013582566495_20152326_4030464_4030464 and
N:\Plots\420350013582566495_20152326_4030464_4030464 are overlapped

WARNING: N:\plots\420350013582566495_24182791_4030464_4030464 and
N:\Plots\420350013582566495_24182791_4030464_4030464 are overlapped

WARNING: N:\plots\420350013582566495_28213255_409600_409600 and
N:\Plots\420350013582566495_28213255_409600_409600 are overlapped

WARNING: N:\plots\420350013582566495_28622855_409600_409600 and
N:\Plots\420350013582566495_28622855_409600_409600 are overlapped

WARNING: N:\plots\420350013582566495_29032455_409600_409600 and
N:\Plots\420350013582566495_29032455_409600_409600 are overlapped

WARNING: N:\plots\420350013582566495_29442055_409600_409600 and
N:\Plots\420350013582566495_29442055_409600_409600 are overlapped

WARNING: N:\plots\420350013582566495_4030465_4030464_4030464 and
N:\Plots\420350013582566495_4030465_4030464_4030464 are overlapped

Edit the miner.config file and take one of the paths out you have it in there twice

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