Error 1007

I get
Error 1007 The deadline for your your nonce i REALLY BAD : 61122694 years, 4 moths 8 days, 18 ours, 21 mins, 40 secs - wrong block? are your plot files corruptedted?

I get this like 5 times per day the years changes. Do I need to replot my files ? I have only been mining for a couple of days so the plotfiles are not “old”

How to fix this ?
Thank´s for any help /Peter

I also wonder why I get so many blue lines with the same content on

It can be a couple things. First, the pool you are on is maybe having some issues with their wallet. What pool are you using?

Second, you could have some corruption in one of your plot files.

I´m on “” pool
But I´m just ploted the files a couple days ago. Could the files be corrupted already after a couple of days ?.
What about the blue respons thats come the same and the same line after line som times.
Thank´s / Peter

You know, I’m gunna say that the pool is having issues. You are sending deadlines and not getting a response which causes those blue lines to repeat. Best to change pools.

What pool do you rekomend have tried before but worked not good ?

The Burst developers run it.

OKey will try that but does the burst that I earned come with me when I change pool or does it stay in the pool ?

It´s crazy

It stays in the pool unfortunately.

OK but you really recommend that pool beacouse I´m soon getting out of coin to change pool I have changed 6 times already .
Friends say this is easy to do hmmmm
Thank´s for your help I will change pool and see what happens :grin:

I use the 50-50 cryptoguru pool, yes I recommend their pools.

but you say I should go with this pool abowe ? confused

If I go back to that pool again do I still have the coin I earned or ?

The 0-100 is good for new users. I recommend all of their pools.

I do not know what will happen to you balance on the other pool.

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Now I get really confused I stayed with 50-50 cryptoguru pool and got nothing the pool web side not update
I spend 8 Burst now to change pools geting realy confused and whant to give up

I don’t know why you are changing around to so many pools. All I suggested to you was this pool

Like I said before, it can also be corrupted plot files. These could have been corrupt from the beginning and were never good.

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