Error 49 - Invalid deadline


I am new on BurstNeon Pool… But I have a problem with mining.
A have plottet 3T and when I start mining after few sec. or min. I see:
Green line: Found DL
Blue line: sent DL
White line: Error 49 Invalid deadline as it is bigger than 157680000

And white line is ma problem probably :-D… I have setting Deadline limit to 63072000 … I use to trying limit to 6048000 (it is default in Blago Miner)…

Some tips what is wrong?

Marek K


G’day, if it should happens again can you upload a screenshot, there is a deadline limit on the server. So if the deadline was to high it will be rejected. If you have any problems again, you can contact me directly here everytime. lovely regards


Hello, thank you for your reply… this is screenshots from start, show error and setting pool conection.
The red line error is because I am plotting now - it is ok. But white error is happening everytime :frowning:




I got the same problem: (error 49 invalid deadline as it bigger than 189216000)

Tried to use different deadline limits, error still occurs.

should I be worried?


I see a similar message sparodically. It does not seem to affect successful deadline reporting subsequently.
I put it down to either a glitch in the server as the number is always way less than the 2 year limit, or even a bug in the miner client software (using latest QBundle suite).
I also get red file error occasionally -unexpected eof. This seems to be spurious as I completely rebuilt my plot file, but it still happens randomly and very infrequently.
I am inclined to just ignore them both, sensible?


I am getting these frequently and i do not see a confirmation message. Found DL and SENT DL but no confirmed DL mesages



what miner are you using, when did the problem start?
the more info you can provide the better people can assist