ERROR 875573297 and now?

[ERROR 875573297] Account’s reward recipient doesn’t match the pool’

So far I set up my mining System, but get all the time this well known ERROR, so what can I do ??
Mining server is set to : and reward is also set to this pool.

Account is : YLAG-VDWV-EQDF-E86QF

pool : 8KLL-PBYV-6DBC-AM942
PoCC Pool:50-50

Anyone out there who have a helpfull hint for me ??

Thanks Franko

It looks like you are set up. You have to wait some blocks before it is confirmed.

Does it mean that for a while can ignore this Error and mining without loosing refund . I mean Setup was around two days ago … Kind regards

You are still receiving this error message now?

Didn´t use System over Weekend but just tryed and Restart mining with Using wallet : CryptoGuru Wallet and set Pool Mining on mining Server 50-50 pool.burst and it´s still the same. Getting after every found DL / send DL this ERROR 875573297 line.

I will share this with the CryptoGuru team, and also you can visit their Discord Server if you wish -

Guess I should stop this mining pool. From my Point of view it Looks to me like a fake. Set up 50/50 Pool again, Paid again for that and ERROR 875573297 is still there.

I’m sorry that’s happening… the last I heard, they were trying to get ahold of the main developer of the pool software, as that error was not something seen before.