Error Acc reward recipient couldn't be detected


Im new to burst and i used your tutorials on this forum to get started but i still got a final problem:
[Error 875638833] Account’s reward recipient couldn’t be detected

Here is some information:

  1. I use the 1.9 QBundle
  2. I plotted my first file
  3. I use the following pool:
  4. I set my reward assignment on that pool:
  5. waited for 30min
  6. My blagoMiner:

Sorry for my bad english

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:


Can you please post your BURST- address?

I looked up the numeric ID from the plotfile name, and couldn’t find anything.


my burst adress is:


Looks like you put the wrong numeric account number in for plotting. You will have to plot over.

The numeric account number for your address is 18173814232206293602



thank you verry much


You’re welcome, good luck!


Having the same issue @ryanw. Though ive copied and pasted my numeric id right from the wallet, i am still getting this issue


Not much info to go by, but you do have to wait 4 blocks for the new reward recipient to be valid.



I have the same error [Error 875638833] Account’s reward recipient couldn’t be detected


I mine in PoCC Pool: 0-100 - 888561138747819634 - HKML-NRG6-VBRA-2F8PS

How can i get the error, what am i doing wrong?

Reward recipient coundnt be found

Can anybody help me?