Error after Copy / Past!


Excuse my English, i’m from Germany :slight_smile:
I have a question in the same direction, i just start the download Wallet, Insterlation and Mining on PC1, now I had tried to run & Mine on Pc2, to use PC1 for plotting (it’s much faster)
I tried by Copy / Paste the hole Folder. The Wallet runs now on both Pc’s, i changed the path of the Plotfiles in the Miner and klick Start.
It’s running but I get an error Massage some Time. Is the problem the different IP ??
What did I wrong ??
I’ll post the erroe Code here later !


What is wrong here ??


Hi, a different IP address is not the problem. You need to change your account reward recipient to the pool’s you are mining on.


Ok & Thank you !
I allready notice my mistake.
Another question is, how can i change my Password ?


You can’t ever change your password, you would need to get another wallet address.