ERROR: This account is already taken. Please choose another pass phrase


hi my friend, i have a lot of error with qbundle problems start with new syncs blockchain.

its a fu#@#$ing process, so i downloaded the brs.mariadb.sql , i executed the script on HS, no errors.

when i open qbundle i see that status bar saids that block time is 2014-08-10 23:00:00 but if i check db, i can view more transactions and blocks.

another error is qhen i triend to login, i get This account is already taken. Please choose another pass phrase. error message.

i dont know what more do, i want to sync all again, its my 5th time.

Thanks in advanced.


Done use Qbundle atm.
Use the core or an online wallet.


jaja, ok, i dont want to use it, so why exist qbundle?


It used to work fine, but with the state of the chain its forking/hanging all the time now.


wth core wallet i have the same problem, this blockchain sucks :frowning:


Have you tried to bootstrap it ?
You could also use an online wallet unless your plan is to solo mine ?


yes i tried bootstrap but never fhinish ok.

no im mining on pool but i have some multiout payments, so i dont want to lost it