Error writing


I try to plot one of my usb hdd, but i cant.
I use xplotter, and a seagate barracuda 500 gb hdd with ntfs format.
on the 1-2% plotting, he says: error writing, press one button, and xplotter is exit.
can help me? thanks

Is the hdd empty? if your strictly using this drive for burst maybe reformat and attempt again, can you post a screenshot of your plotter set up file- looks like this

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check HDDs for bad sectors.
check your power settings for hdd (sleep time)

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my xplotter file:

@cd /d %~dp0
XPlotter_sse.exe -id 15936017726402699708 -sn 410000000 -n 942867 -t 8 -path F:\Burst\plots -mem 6G

check HDDs for bad sectors.
check your power settings for hdd (sleep time)

how can i check bad sectors and power?

What operating system are you using? Windows 10 or 7?

i use win 10.

and how i check bad sectors?

I check with hdd regenerator

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Hey again!,

How much space is available on the drive? is it completely empty? Do you have another drive that you can try writing a few small plots on, to see if it the drive or something else?

This is a fresh formatted drive. i have 500 gb free space.
with other drives i can plot.

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