Everyone Please Upgrade to BRS 2.2.7


As most know, the PoCC released their final BRS version right before their last announcement to leave Burst. A lot of work was done by them, specifically u/Brabantian getting BRS to the most stable it has ever been.

For those worried about there possibly being malicious code in this final release, there is no reason that the PoCC would do such as thing. On top of this, it has been verified by several people already that the release is safe.

It’s recommended that everyone go ahead and upgrade to this newest version, and get all of the nodes in the network back on the same page.

If running Qbundle, go through the upgrade process there.

Release Download @ PoCC Repository - https://github.com/PoC-Consortium/burstcoin/releases

New Burst Application Team Repository - https://github.com/burst-apps-team/burstcoin