Failed to start Blago miner

So, I finally got plotted, and now I get a pop up that says “Failed to start Blago miner”. Anyone point me in the right direction? I am running Qbundle v1.9

Are you still having problems with it? If you are using antivirus, there is a good chance it is blocking the program.

Yes, I have yet to resolve it. I shut off the AV, but still got the same message. As Norton does as it pleases, I am currently thinking it did something to prevent its use anyway, so I uninstalled and deleted the folder. I then downloaded the program and reinstalled it, and am currently waiting for the blockchain to download. As it is getting late, I won’t return to it until tomorrow. Hopefully, when I finish, I can resume setting up and avoid the issue.

This does present another question. I used my charity bursts in the setup I deleted. As I am using the same account, and plan to mine the same pool (at least to start), will this present another issue? i.e., will I need more burst since I deleted everything, or will it be saved on my account?

Your address will not have been deleted, it is saved on the blockchain. So, everything that you’ve done so far in that respect is not lost.

I have had random issues with av with most crypto software…I even have to pay attention to the windows firewall.

By the way, you do not need a synced blockchain to pool mine in Burst. You don’t need the wallet running.

Ok, I deleted everything, reinstalled, and finally got it to not give me that error message. Now, how do I tell if it is working?

If Blago miner isn’t giving you any error messages, and progressing with every new block, it should be fine now. You should be seeing green lines of text with deadlines being confirmed. if you only have a small amount of space plotted, you will not see these green lines of text as often.

Here is an example of one working correctly:


Ok, I am running finally. Thanks!

I am getting frequent HDD, wake up! on the miner. I installed KeepAliveHD, but it’s status is disconnected, and I can’t figure out how to change this. Do you have any experience with this issue? Also, any tips on upping my efficiency would help also. I plotted half of what I had available on my disc (approx 0.5 TB, which was, i believe just over 2,000,000 nonces). Not sure if it helps, but my pool is and I am starmanjones there also. at the moment, it says I have 0.2674378860365547 pending burst, accumulated in about 2 days. Is that to be expected? And what can I do to increase it without spending money? I am waiting to see how this works out, and if it looks to be worthwhile I will invest in more equipment specifically for mining.

The HDD, wake up! Message is actually the miner doing the keep alive thing itself.

As for gettting more coins out of your plot, the only thing that does that is more space. Since you just started, your shares will build up a bit more and you should be getting a bit more Burst per day averaged over time…but really the returns are about 1-2 Burst per terabyte per day.

Ok, so unless I wish to use up all available space on my machine, this is the best I am going to get. Is it worth investing in external drives to mine? What time frame would I be looking at to pay off the investment? Or, is this anything more than a hobby?

That’s what I had made my first Burst mining rig from…external hard drives. I will probably make another, but remove the external cases as the wiring gets pretty messy.

I really haven’t looked at the numbers lately, but I have heard people say at current mining difficultly and Burst price, that return on investment for a cheap external 8TB (around $150) is about 10 months.

In 10 months, things will be much different than right now I expect. Price could be much higher (or lower), and the mining difficulty will be different as well.

I currently have the same problem. Windows 10 64 bit and I do not get it to work. Did you change the settings of the Windows Defender what? That can not be switched off completely.

I am running this on Window 7. What I did (that may help you) is put everything that is needed for burst in a file, then excluded that file from all of my antivirus programs. I had to turn off the AV and such while I downloaded and installed everything, then once it was running, I excluded the file from virus scans and protection, and it has been running fine since then.

I have experience using the KeepAliveHD program. As a matter of fact I prefer that over the KeeHD alive option in blago. I personally have that option off in the miner program as I don’t even think it works correctly and if you ever get into the world of mounted drives I think even less chance that it will work.

To use the KeepAliveHD program correctly make sure Enable writing mode is on see below, it works great. Set the write every variable to every 3 min which is 1 minute below the average block time.

If your interested in how to incorporate this program into the same batch file as your miner program let me know and I will post a copy of my batch file.

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Thanks! I do have that, but under status, it says disconnected where yours says enabled. Any idea why?

Ok so that might be that the drive you initially configured is not there anymore. That is the reason I got disconnected. I swap drives in and out and the drive letter gets disconneted. Just remove the drive with the button on the right and add it back in see if that works. I suggest you don’t do the C:\ as that is always mostly on for other reasons if you have a plot file there. Let me know how that works out for you. Curios !!!

Haven’t figured that one out yet, my miner started giving me the error code:

[error 858861617] submitnonce request has bad ‘accountId’ parameter - should be uint 64

I can’t figure out how to get beyond this one now >.< any ideas? Ryanw suggested replotting, and that didn’t help