Is there a faucet to obtain a couple of burst to set name of wallet and to start plotting and mining.

Thank you


If you want to get started right away, post your address here and I’ll send you a few coins.


BURST-E9B9-6SAM-TKFR-ASWP6 Thank you FlippyCakes


@TheWatcher I sent you a small handful.



Thank you very much @MasterMC.


@TheWatcher I know all the faucets are running dry.
We have set up a BURST wallet that acts like a faucet.
I can see that you got all the help you needed, that is what is so great about the BURST community, everyone helping everyone.:heart_eyes:



I am new to the BURST community.

I live in Cape Town South Africa… I have 100Gb of space plotted on my External drive. I tried to start mining
but nothing happened… I was told I need to have some BURST in the wallet to mine… would you be able to send me some, so I can get started… My Address is BURST-PFAK-R77M-CWWM-87DYB… As swoon as I get some extra cahsh I’m gonna get another External to mine properly.



A few are heading your way.


Welcome to GETBURST@WilberForce84,
I am sorry I wasn’t here on time to help you out, but as you can see the community here is great and our friend @FlippyCakes, and many others, are always ready to help new comers get started. That is what makes BURST so great, the community.:slight_smile:
I am happy to see that you are ready now to start mining and I know of the mining pool that you can use small drives to mine:

This is a list of pools and there recomandations.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:
Good luck mining and have a great time!


Any help to get started would be greatly appreciated.



Sent you some in another thread.


@FlippyCakes Thanks… Now to start mining


how do I change reward assignment


if u r running a local wallet if not then use what ever wallet your using just add the /rewardassignmen at the end


Could you please help me with a few Burst coins in order to start mining?
My address is: BURST-7968-QXRM-7VBR-7K4QN
Thank you


Looks like you’ve still got 1 Burst left over from the 3 I gave you last month.


Hi Flippy,
Yes indeed. But I think that I couldn’t see it because I did not had the entire blockchain downloaded?
I do not know but when I wrote the message the account was empty.
But now I have started again (i think) and I am unsure if I am really mining or not.
The software is saying new block but on the pool’s website I cannot find my wallet.
When should I see some reward? I have 50Gb available for this project for the moment.


Unfortunately, 50GB is way too little to see a reward soon. You’ll be earning about 1 Burst per week.


I plotted 50Gb out of 2Tb.
Now the plan is to plot the rest as well.
I calculated the last nonce and I will try to continue the plotting.
If I shutdown the miner and after the plotting is complete I restart it do I need another coin to access the same pool or is the setup done from the first try and it will work if I don’t change the pool?


You just need to set your reward assignment once unless you want to change pools.