Finally started mining burst today. Are my setup and notifications in my miner right?

I literally started w/ mining burst today, after reading around for the last few days. I’m trying to understand if my setup is right or not.
Any info would be appreciated. I currently have 2 main questions:

Been having the miner open and running for the last 45 mins. I chose this mining pool after reading that it’s suitable for someone with 1-5 TB. And so far… this is all I see in its window (I took out the dots from the links because the forum rules won’t let me post a link):

BURST miner, v1.170820_AVX2
Programming: dcct (Linux) & Blago (Windows)
CPU support: AES SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSE4.2 AVX AVX2 [recomend use AVX
GenuineIntel Intel® Core™ i7-6850K CPU @ 3.60GHz [12 cores]
RAM: 32768 Mb
Pool address pool burst4all com (ip
Updater address pool burst4all com (ip
Using plots:
E:\Plot on 5 TB files: 1 size: 4540 Gb
TOTAL: 4540 Gb

19:00:20 New block 450744, baseTarget 90557, netDiff 202360 Tb
19:00:24 Thread “E:\Plot on 5 TB” @ 4.4 sec (256.3 MB/s) CPU 85.25%

19:02:15 New block 450745, baseTarget 72445, netDiff 252953 Tb
19:02:19 Thread “E:\Plot on 5 TB” @ 4.0 sec (281.3 MB/s) CPU 98.53%

19:02:45 New block 450746, baseTarget 66759, netDiff 274497 Tb
19:02:49 Thread “E:\Plot on 5 TB” @ 4.1 sec (279.6 MB/s) CPU 98.53%
19:05:49 HDD, WAKE UP !
19:08:49 HDD, WAKE UP !
19:11:49 HDD, WAKE UP !
19:14:49 HDD, WAKE UP !

19:15:51 New block 450747, baseTarget 77463, netDiff 236567 Tb
19:15:55 Thread “E:\Plot on 5 TB” @ 3.9 sec (293.9 MB/s) CPU 98.42%

19:16:25 New block 450748, baseTarget 75073, netDiff 244098 Tb
19:16:29 Thread “E:\Plot on 5 TB” @ 4.0 sec (283.3 MB/s) CPU 98.49%
19:19:29 HDD, WAKE UP !
19:22:29 HDD, WAKE UP !

19:24:47 New block 450749, baseTarget 80735, netDiff 226979 Tb
19:24:51 Thread “E:\Plot on 5 TB” @ 4.1 sec (277.6 MB/s) CPU 98.41%
19:27:51 HDD, WAKE UP !
19:30:51 HDD, WAKE UP !
19:33:51 HDD, WAKE UP !

19:36:22 New block 450750, baseTarget 88135, netDiff 207921 Tb
19:36:26 Thread “E:\Plot on 5 TB” @ 3.9 sec (294.2 MB/s) CPU 98.46%
19:39:26 HDD, WAKE UP !
19:42:26 HDD, WAKE UP !

│100% 4540 GB (293.89 MB/s). no deadline Connection: 100%

So i get no deadlines what so ever. Is that normal? and/or just a beginning thing? Or do I have something setup wrong? and or my plot is set wrong?

Q 2.
I am utilizing a completely empty and formatted 5TB drive, but I gave it the ‘real’ size when plotting (around 4.54 TB), and not just ‘5’, because of a HDD headers etc (approx 7% I believe?).
Is that wrong? Should I done it as a complete, full 5000 GB plot?


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i think this pool only accepts deadlines less than 30 days, which with such a small mining settup you probably wont find any very often. switch to a pool that accepts longer deadlines.

i am quite fond of
Which accepts around 4 months
But to each his own,
Plotted 5 tb’s seems fine, does the drive show having any space left on it?

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It shows 112 GB free.

well then i would just plot the 112 Gb’s and you just have two files…

well, since nothing (as far as I understand?) was/is happening w/ the current plot, wouldn’t I be better off just deleting that plot file, and plotting from scratch, this time a 5 (not 4.54) TB plot file?

not really, some of my drives have 8 files on them , some have 1, doesnt really matter. When you switch to a pool that accepts longer deadlines then you will see a change

Oh gothcha. then I’ll just create that other file and add it.

  1. And maybe I was all wrong in the way I saw this; the deadlines - are they always that long (months?) w/ those amounts of 1 digit or low 2 digits TB capacity? For some reason I got the impression that the deadlines were matter of minutes…

  2. I’m waiting for my package of 5X 8TB external hdds to be delivered to me, after which I’m planning on plotting each one, and add them to either this or another machine. Once I’m done plotting them all, and I’m adding the plot files to my list of imported plot files on my mining software (Qbundle) - would the miner see my mining machine(s) power as the WHOLE number of all the TBs together? As in - a 45TB miner? Or do I need to signal to the mining software or the pool somehow, that I’m having that total in my arsenal?

  3. I read about the fact that the starting point of every additional plot file on my end need to start w/ the last number of the old one. So: Does that starting point number really need to be the SAME number as the end of the last one, or should it be ‘last one +1’?

Thanks for all the info. Total burst noob here…

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Aaaaaaaand of course now that I’m trying to register myself on the pool you mentioned here - the 0-100 - it says I don’t have enough funds to do it. Of course - I don’t have ANY funds. The one that was gifted to me earlier, was used to register w/ that first pool :frowning:
So earlier I needed 1 burst in order to set it w/ the first pool, and now I need another one? Is that the same everytime I want to change a pool?! :open_mouth:

Looking back at your previous questions.

  1. Most deadlines are insanely long. Almost no deadlines in single digits compared to how many miners and plotted space and such.

  2. As long as you load those plot files into qbundle, it will tell the mining software to load those files and that more space is plotted.

  3. It should be the last nonce +1. Qbundle will make sure everything is set up correctly…so this should only be an issue to be considered if you are mining with the same address over multiple machines.

I don’t have any experience with the burst4all server, but afaik you should be fine there for the time being. It looks like your miner is running just fine :slight_smile:

So I’m not SUPPOSED to see any changes/deadlines etc on my end at all (for the time being)?
It’s been running almost 7 hrs already, still nothing new… just new threads opening all the time but no deadlines showing…

In seven hours, I would expect that you would have hit a deadline. Did you by chance change the deadline limit in the Qbundle mining gui? Actually, I don’t even know if you are using Qbundle…have you edited your target deadline at all for mining?

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