Forum Rules - Read Them, Know Them, Follow Them


This forum is going to start out experimental. The rules and guidelines will evolve over time according to the needs of the forum and its users. Will will start out with a few, and go from there.

1. NO DRAMA. Everyone in the community is welcome to join, but everyone is not able to say everything they want. There will be no drama spilling into this forum from elsewhere in the community. Arguments, hatred, fights…possibly even “heated” discussions will be deleted and those involved suspended or banned from the forum. Responses to such posts will be forceful, and freely given to everyone involved. If you don’t understand what we’re talking about here, message an admin. There will be no arguments about the technicalities of this policy, nor regarding past actions of the staff regarding this policy. Just don’t.

1a. Subject to further developments, no discussion of assets on the exchange is permitted in anyway. This includes ID’s and names of assets. Only topics regarding the technical nature of the asset exchange are allowed.

2. No Promotional Posts for Other Coins, ICO, etc. I’m not looking for this forum to get filled with advertisements or shills.

3. LINKS to sites outside of the forums. No affiliate links whatsoever are acceptable. Links to outside sources of Burst community drama will result in a suspension or ban, just as if it was posted here on these forums. Moderators reserve the right to remove any questionable links and content.

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