Full Files?

Is there any way to check if plottfiles are fully written.
The size is fixed at the beginning but can I somehow see if all the data is really in there?

I think the mining software generally checks the plots when you start it - I use creepminer, and if I’ve got an unfinished plotfile it tells me about it and refuses to use it for mining.

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What plotting program did you use?

If you happen to use xplotter_avx.exe or xplotter_avx2.exe then if you restart the plot it will spin through the entire file and if it DID NOT FINISH it will finish it off.

If it was already plotted to the end I believe it tell you quickly at the end when it spins through it.

Go to this thread and go to the section where the thread starts off by saying

Dammmm 50,130 a min that is SUPER FAST.

There you will find how to re-start a plotted file.

Miner thread on how to plot