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@Gadrah_ I know that I am repeating my self, but I am so happy that you were working on this and came out to tell all of us the great news. I never stopped hoping that BURST was going to do a come back and here it is.
So here is the part where I repeat my self:
I am so happy to see it all move forward. Thank you for this ray of sun shine. I am so happy to be part of BURST and the BURST family. Great work, great attitude, great person and great new pic… Love it all :wink:
Thank you @Gadrah, thank you @ryanw, thank you @Haitch, thank you everyone working to keep BURST alive and going.:kissing_heart:


Trix, you’re gonna use up all of the Internet’s happy emoticons some day. Then what?


Never, there will always be more and then some. Just like crypto, it will never be over.:joy: