Get 75 Authorship ICO Tokens For FREE (About $10 USD)


So, it takes a little bit to run all of the websites that I have up, and as of now, I’m not interested in placing banners all over the place to help the sites pay for themselves. I currently have several webhosting accounts, and have a VPS, and a dedicated server with things planned…software purchases, domain names, etc…

I’ve had some people ask how to donate, but instead I have ran across this for now where everyone would benefit:

Authorship ICO

They are running a bounty where I would get 75 tokens for referring new people to their email list, and also you would get 75 tokens as well. Please don’t try to sign up with multiple accounts, however, just one would help a lot!

Interesting concept for this business too…I have a relative that is currently an author and I think she would be interested in this platform for sure.

Just scroll down on the page that this takes you to and click on this banner for 75 free tokens, there you can enter your information:


Alright. I signed up!


Thank you my friend! You’re the first!


No worries, hopefully you get some more!

I run a few websites myself so I feel where your coming from xD


@Neq Thanks :slight_smile:

Another person signed up under me too, thank you! If these end up being worth $10, I am 20% of the way towards paying for one month of hosting everything :wink:


Done, one more!:heart_eyes_cat:


Thanks you!


Signed up as well. This forum has been a good resource for me, so it’s the least I can do.


Thank you so much!


I’m signed up as well.


Whoohooo! Wow, hope this turns out well for everyone!


This is great!
I hope more people join.
Love the idea! :smile:


Just want to thank everyone that has signed up for this so far. If it works out as planned, this will cover over a month’s cost of hosting so far!


Interesting, who doesn’t like free coins.