Getting 404 error for every pool when i try to start mining

Hi, guys!
I need yor help. I trying to start mining burst with Burst Client for Win 0.3.13. And then I choose the pool and press “Change” button I take error “HTTP ERROR: 404 Problem accessing /rewardassignmentshort.html. Reason: Not Found”. What is wrong?

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I get the same error so I hope for a reply here

Fill in the 3rd and fourth boxes

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I got the 404 error like above. Then I open web browser open then fill in my Passphrase and Recipient
press submit
And it works, then I go back to Burstwallet 1 coin gone and after a while 10 + conf.
Then I press start mining at the bottom and then Start Mining (CPU / AVX)
and it just go back to the wallet and nothing happens

What am I doing wrong ( I´m start going crazy )

Thank´s for any help
Best regards Peter

can you provide a screenshot? Which pool did you change too? you do not need a wallet open to mine on a pool. When you start the miner does a seperate window open like this?

I have plotted the drives I want to use they are ok
Then I got one coin from you (thank´s) to change pool I change to this
Skärmbild (6)

When I press CHANGE I get
HTTP ERROR: 404 Problem accessing /rewardassignmentshort.html. Reason: Not Found error then I go to web browse an open
Skärmbild (8)

I fill in my Passphrase in box 3 and on Recipient box 4 I paste that burst adress that was copied to my clipboard when I pressed CHANGE (picture below)
Skärmbild (6)
Then I press Submit and I get this in the web browser

Then I go back to burst wallet and click start mining

This comes up and I press “Start Mining (CPU / AVX )
Skärmbild (6)

Then it close and I´m back in the wallet nothing happens.
What am I doing wrong please help me.
Best Regards Peter

hmm i am unsure, is your java up to date? maybe @ryanw can help better, as i have never ran into this.

Yes Java is up to date

Does @ryanw see this now or do I need to send msg to him

he will see it cause i tagged him. Did you download the Q bundle or just the wallet by itself? You can always start the miner manually(just have to set up the miner config file), its pretty easy.

@pwsel You have everything set up correctly regarding reward assignment. You have done a great job so far.

I do suggest installing qbundle

However, for you to use your current software (which I think is an old version), you need to still choose the, but change the port to 8080.

As long as there aren’t any other issues lurking, this should get you going.

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I did like you said installed Qbundle and I think it´s working now

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