Getting Started - Need a Burst coin please

Hi all, I am getting started with Burst and am requesting someone please help by sending a Burst coin to my address and I will repay in kind… :smile: Thanks


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sent you a couple to get going


Thanks @OMB, I received your 2 Burst

I noticed it actually cost you 3 Burst to send with the transaction fee so I will send you 5 Burst back to say thanks for getting me started.

At the moment though as I had only 2 in my account, I have sent you 1 back as the second one I have had to use to transact. Once I get confirmed and move some over from Bittrex I will send the rest :smile:

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Hi @OMB,

I sent you the remaining 4 Burst, thanks again!

Best Regards :smile:

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Thanks, appreciated

I need to change my pool as I am not getting anything with my current pool burst4all.
Can anyone send me a burstcoin?



sent you a couple