Getting this set up

I am still downloading the blockchain and plotting the first drive. It seems I need burst to make burst and so here I am asking for a hand.

how cpu intensive is this to mine?
What should I be looking for in a pool? I plan to plot about 4.5 TB if that changes anything

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well blockchain done. plotting is still plodding along…

tried gpu plotting, all it does is get half a percent done then sit there…

any other ways to speed this up?

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Looks like you picked up some coins.

Check out turboplotter, if you have the right set up, it can speed things up

I sent some lightcoin I had mined to an exchange and bought some burst with it. cost me a chunk in fees but it got it done :slight_smile:

after like 6 hours fighting with the gpu plotter I gave up on it and found the turbo plotter9k witch is amazing its so much faster. Thank you for coming by tho. still kinda trying to figure out witch pool witch miner and so forth.

There are a lot of options. GPU definitely helps people out with plotting speeds, and also mining. However, historically, CPU plotting and mining has been more reliable. I use Blago miner on the 50-50 cg pool.