GITHUB seems to have many bad links

Hi there,

Is it me or does Github serv only bad links to downloads for BURST like the core Wallet etc.
Trying to download and install again but al links are down.

Is this a know problem at this moment? just asking.

Love the great work guys… I really do…


Aha…this seems to work…the latest version including the maria DB

Hi, may I ask what github repository you are using?

Also, I run that website, and I’ve had reports that with some users, even though it has the newer db, it still starts to sync from the beginning…

Use this repository

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for having me again…
I used the links on the BURSTCOIN site via
It gave me the link to

But i the end I used the llnk in my own reply… this work perfect… Ofcource it had to sync… does not mather… I still am in the middle of plotting my disks again… It is slow work…
Did a 4tb on the internal GPU… 30 hours…
Now running 4TB on a ASUS RTX 2070 GPU… 23 hours.
Next disk I wil run on an MSI GTX 1050 - 8…
Broke of a 4TB run on the CPU (intel 4 core i5 6600) I would have done about 40 hours…

In the past I ran the GTX 1050… even 8 TB under 20 hours…That said… I was a PCI 16 slot… Now I use a USB extender… It coud be the bottle neck

Yes, that extender could be the bottle neck there. I agree, plotting is no fun.

Yup… it is… now running the GTX1050… same results as the RTX2070 so the PCI slot is the bottleneck

So next plan is to use an other PC to do the plotting with full PCI 16 acces on the RTX2070…Strangly enough I have a nice one laying arround doing nothing right now :sunglasses::nerd_face:

Yes I use Turbo Plotter… That combination should “fly” through the plotting tasks ahead.:netherlands::icon_blue:

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