Glad to be here


Glad to be a member here. After non-stop drama being generated at another site I no longer belong to, this site feels like a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to being a part of this community and helping out where I can.


Welcome to your new home,
very happy too see you here and yes it is a breath of fresh air.
It is great to finally BURST again.
Well let get ready to ride BURST to the top and have fun doing it!
See you around :blush:


von mir auch ein herzliches Willkommen,ich finde es auch super Burst zu minen


@rosivw It would be appreciate if you would translate what you are posting in the general areas in English so that all can read.I will be translating any further posts, not even this one, since that is not are jobs as moderators or administrators.
If you desire to speech German you can do so in the Category created for that purpose, and you can tag the people you would like to join you in those discussions. It will be my pleasure to join you and have a great time.
Thank you for understanding and please have fun.:blush:


Danke ok das ist nett von Dir


@TonyBananas, welcome to the site! You’re not alone: there are a bunch of people here tired of the drama.

@rosivw, hello! Nice to have you with us.