Any other XRP holders out there? I’m loving this price bump it’s getting today.

Burst will be there soon my friends :slight_smile:


just traded a tiny amount of DOGE i had leftover for 15.75 XRP


any idea why burst droped price?


@altin.p please avoid posting the same question in multiple spots on the forum.
Thank you :wink:


1st i asked here then i decide to make a topic


Sold mine a while back to get into NEO. Definitely didn’t see ripple nearly doubling any time soon…


I hold a fair amount with a long time mindset. Well for now it’s more HODLing than holding but hey I have faith :stuck_out_tongue:


I sold most of it after this artificial bump caused by Korean exchanges.planning to buy it again when the price drops :wink:


I sold it too however the funny thing is i looked at some old transaction when this coin wasn’t popular but great to transfer coins from cryptsy. I had more than 10,000 and buying this coin at 2 to 200 sats