Good place to buy burst?


I’m thinking of cashing in some BTC for Burst.
I wish I had bought BTC earlier, but I’m willing to trade profits for opportunities.



I have always had good experiences using poloniex


get in now +40 right now


I just signed up. Anyone know how long Poloniex takes to validate a new account?


I don’t recall it taking long, make sure you check you junk folder


i hope u got some is going up up up


Still waiting for activation.
I might wait for it to come back down in a few days.

Or put in a buy at 400 if that doesn’t happen.


I use bittrex myself.


Hey guys and girls,
I use Poloniex and Biterex and they both go great.
I hope you get your BURST soon :slight_smile:


I am still pending verification. Not sure what the problem is.
This stinks.



@MasterMC so it has been a couple of hours.
I was wondering if you ever got your $$$.
I was using Bitrex today to transfer some BTC and it went really fast.
I hope you are well and all went well :slight_smile:


@Estie_Trixie, I was just trying to set up a new account with Poloniex. Been almost 2 weeks. I’ll keep trying for another few days and then maybe move to Bitrex.



Did you already have a Polo account?
If you don’t mind me asking why open a new account?
Thanks :slight_smile:


I had a crypsy account a few years ago and we all know what happened there. Luckily I kept everything local.
I’ve had no other account but wanted to buy some burst now. I wish I had bought more BTC when it was $100/BTC.
I’ll try and contact Poloniex directly and find out what is up.



@MasterMC yeah you should open a suport ticket and see what is up.
I have been transferring btc and other atls all week and I have had no problem.
I wish you all the best and keep us posted on what happens.


Poloniex Support got me all set up. Transferred some BTC over and put in some buy orders,
Thanks everyone,


@MasterMC that is awesome, I am happy it all work out.
Have fun trading :smiley: