Google Drive Mining

I got my rx580 rig for plotting, and also got gigabit internet line (it only costed like 20$/mo). Last week I thought about mining with google drive, and got team drive share for only 2$/mo. What should I do now? I know that I need to upload plots over google drive, but I don’t know what I have to do after that. Help!

(And also… I need 1 burst to start mining… BURST-QRB9-KSEJ-NEYL-DNZK5)

If you have any interests in google cloud mining, contact me by reply!

I don’t have any experience with mining with google drive, but it is not worth the time or effort from what I’ve seen.

You have a space limit correct? If you have 1 Terabyte of plotfiles on google drive, and were able to mine that perfectly all of the time, you would get about 15 Burst per month, or $0.15USD per month.

It is not worth attempting.

Unlimited storage… actually… I can upload plots without limits… I am planning to upload 4tb everyday

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hello friend did you manage to mine burst by google drive?

No, right now I’m planning… Bought google drive unlimited, and I need to buy used graphics card. To plot. Unlimited gigabit internet will be install tomorrow. I got my cpu and board, and 10x 500gb HDD.

No space limit. If you have more than 5 people in the group, then you’ll get unlimited space. I got friend to buy 4 space.