Gpu plotting Help

I want to plot my 6tb Seagate Backup Plus using gpuPlotGenerator.
Here is my system specifications:

Cpu: Intel g4400
Ram: 8gb Tridentz 3200mh
Gpu: Sapphire rx480 8gb

And here is my start.bat :
gpuPlotGenerator generate direct e:\plot\9966629812613841903_0_22888448_8192

my problem is with devices.txt numbers. In fact whatever number I use, the plotter says" bad allocation"
(for example I used " 0 0 8192 256 8192 " with no success)
Please help me.

Try to reduce the memory usage and the hashesNumber
Direct mode didn’t worked for me. Try buffer

0 0 2048 256 2048

gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer e:\plot\9966629812613841903_0_22888448_2048