gpuPlotGenerator issue: Unable to extend output file

Hi, I got the following error while running gpuPlotGenerator. Don’t have any issues if i used buffer instead of direct. Can anyone help me plz?

./gpuPlotGenerator generate direct /mnt_ext/seagate3/12760079904323126165_0_50000_500

GPU plot generator v4.1.1

Author: Cryo
Bitcoin: 138gMBhCrNkbaiTCmUhP9HLU9xwn5QKZgD

Loading platforms…
Loading devices…
Loading devices configurations…
Initializing generation devices…
[0] Device: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (OpenCL 1.2 CUDA)
[0] Device memory: 2GB 0MB
[0] CPU memory: 2GB 0MB
Initializing generation contexts…

[ERROR] Unable to extend output file

Hey, not sure if you fixed it by now, but I just ran into the same issue - “Unable to Extend” error present only with ‘generate direct’, but not ‘generate buffer’ on an external drive using (I assume) Linux. What file system format are you using for /mnt_ext/seagate3? I checked the code and direct mode uses fallocate to initiate the plot on Linux, but fallocate is only supported for ext4/xfs filesystems per the man page.

I had direct fail on an exFAT-formatted external drive that worked perfectly once I reformatted to ext4. Could be helpful in the code to have a check for the target filesystem not being one of the above before using an alternate method to carve out space (ex. dd if=/dev/zero …).

yes, I reformatted the disk to ext4 and the error is gone.