Greetings - Another Nube. I would greatly appreciate a first Burst drip from the faucet

Hello there. I’m new to Burst and I’m really impressed with the community and how people are willing to help. Also amazed at how much detailed info there is on YouTube and forums. I’m hoping I can contribute as well.

If anyone would be so kind as to pass along a coin or two to get me going, I’m happy to pay back and pay forward for the next new guy/gal.


Also, do you all have any advice as to how to determine if to join a pool or go solo? Is it a capacity level? I plan to have around 100TB +/-

Thank you!

So you should now have 5 burst.
I’m running 108TBs and am doing fine at a 50-50 pool, but I started at a 0-100 for the first few months.

Good luck

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