Haitch checking in


@RyanW there is an account registered as “Haitch” - it’s not me. I don’t see a DM messaging option, but hit me on Discord to verify.



Apparently the admins were reserving my username for me :slight_smile: Thanks guys.

I’m back as Haitch now - the real one.


Fixed it, now you’ve got the name “Haitch”. @Trinity had reserved some names to prevent abuse!

Thanks for joining Haitch!


but i wanted to be Haitch this month


Trust me, you don’t want to be Haitch …


From what I’ve seen, No one wants to be @Haitch : or a few others. Welcome to GetBurst Forums @Haitch & @Duncan


I’m okay being Haitch, but I wouldn’t wish the role on anyone else …



Don’t know you that well but I do know that your name comes by a lot of times xD


I run the main forums for Burst, but the “other” forums took me out for a while, leading to this alternative forum … Things will return to normality soon


Hi there @Haitch,
I am so happy to see you here :blush:
I think, no I know that this is going to be great.

Can’t wait to see all the new developments coming for BURST.
Let’s BURST again like there is no tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for the welcome, and congrats on Mod promotion :smiley:

Hope to have my forums back up soon.


I am a newbie mod, so for now I am getting to know the place, saying hi and having a look.
I like participating and reading, so it will be great. The best part is that you are all here, so that makes it awesome :heart_eyes:

I hope your forum is back up soon as well, I miss it :frowning:

Thanks again for your support, you have always been great and really nice with me :slight_smile:
Again really happy you are here :slight_smile:


so forums.burst-team.us will be coming back? or will this be replacing it?


@mrgoldy They will be coming back :slight_smile: But this forum will still be around too.


@Haitch if forum take bit time can you plz send me my asset op details i am building a website will edit it there if its possible plz send!!


There is an Archived copy here https://web.archive.org/web/20170623152053/http://forums.burst-team.us/topic/5863/ann-kohinoor-asset-safest-investment-asset



Thanks alot !!


Hi Haitch,

Good to see you back mate; any chances of re-launching 0-100 pool?

I was forging block every 3-4 days; best pool for me.



The 0-100 Pool has been relaunched. @Haitch is securing his servers and current web setups as to avoid further downtime. The pool is having some issues, so it’s down right now, but I’d expect it to be back soon.