Haitch Pools


Just wanted to make sure everyone saw the pool addresses updates.

These are the pools I’m running

pool.burst-team.us port 8080
pool.burstcoin.biz port 8080
0-100.burst-team.us port 8080
falconburstpool.xyz port 8080
pool.burstcoin.eu port 8880

I’ve messaged ccMiner about getting his pool up.

I’ll update this post later to show DL limits, payment split, historical shares etc.




am I missing something - because I don’t see the port on my pools.


go over or click on it show u on the top in reachable


I do, and it take me to the http address. Can the :8080 or :8880 be displayed on the address ?




I’m either going blind or losing my mind, but I don’t see the port on any of my pools ?



I’m looking to see what dev pool v2 port


okay, port showing up now, one correction - pool.burstcoin.eu is 8880 not 8080


sorry :slight_smile: done added some things


Please add my pool http://pool.burstcoin.asia/


your pool been add ty :slight_smile: for letting me know


Thank You.