Happy Birthday GetBURST One Year Already!


Happy Birthday GetBURST One Year Already!!!
I saw this today and I could not believe it!!!
Yes, I am yelling this out, so…

Thank you @ryanw for our new home, I can’t wait for the next year celebration :blush:
:icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart: :icon_blue::blue_heart:

I am so happy to share this with all of you BURSTers!
Happy Birthday GetBURST!!!


Wow, it doesn’t seem that long =P



I know, I am so happy this place is here and we have a place!!!
Now let’s get ready for a nice rise in BURST and a great future for GetBURST and all the BURSTers.
Happy birthday members.