Hard Drive Expansion


Hi all,

Currently running with 2x 6TB internal disk drives in my old PC. I wanting to expand more, but I have run out of space.What are anyone’s thoughts on expansion? I would like to expand to about 6-8 disks. So a 4 expansion would be good. There is of course the following options

  1. External USB - Just off the shelf, buy a bunch and plug. A bit messy really. Also cheap generic PSU would think…

  2. JBOD - Found a few on amazon, but the cheaper ones have bad reviews.

  3. NAS - Obviously quite expensive. Great for expanding. Fast speed I guess. But an extra box!

  4. New Case - I could get a new case with lots of HDD bays, I would need a SATA PCIE card as I only have 6

I am thinking of the new case as its neat and tidy, and won’t be expanding to a massive farm. Something like 6-8 disks? The PC I would be using is already running burst, but also some space is left for Storj. I also intend to use this as a Plex server.

As I write this, I think a new case would solve the problem… Any thoughts on one with a 6-8 bays?
I wonder if I could make something to hold the drives in the existing case?

Many thanks


If you have spare SATA ports on your motherboard I personally would go with new case and internal drives. Once I use up the 4 SATA ports on my motherboard I plan to add a SATA PCI card to the system and add more internal drives.


Hi, Yes, sounds a good idea. I have found a Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 which can hold a few. A little pricey, but still looking!


I built a custom frame to hold all the components and up to 7 drives.


Just throwing this out there…for further expansion :slight_smile:

You can find some good deals on supermicro JBODS on ebay. I picked up a 45-bay for around $350.

If you are going to end up paying around 200 for whatever you decide with…you can probably find a storage server with 16 bays for around the same amount. You also can find smaller jbods for around the same amount as well.

Keep in mind you need to have sas2 cards / expanders / backplanes as almost all of the time, sas1 is limited to 2TB.


I can’t see me ever having that many HDDs!

I have been looking around and found this case - Fractal Design Node 804
It holds 8+ 3.5" disks which should be plenty. I like the style as it can sit on the shelf rather than a tower!
I am wanting to burst mine, storj, storage server and plex server so should be plenty for that!

Currently wondering about what insides to use, as my current mining PC is a ATX board and the 804 is uATX sadly. I don’t think its worth getting a second hand motherboard, its a i5 3750 so quite old! Would be saving quite a bit to be fair though…

What do people think about platform?

Intel i5 8400, 8500, 8600 6C - Waiting on new chipsets though…
Ryzen 5 1600 6C/12T
Ryzen 2200G is quite new 4C/8T with internal graphics

I wonder if my old 4C would keep up if I was doing everything at once though! That might help with the decision. Can’t really warrant a i7 sadly!

Might not install a graphics card, as it will draw less power and have no need for it. Unless I use it for potting, but I have my main PC I could use over Gigabit network…

I would need to get a PCIe SATA card, and found a cheap one - Lycom PE-120 - if people are interested. I would need to test it before I recommend it though!


I have a Ryzen 3 1200 (4C) processor in my system. It not only mines burst but also drives a couple graphics card for Nicehash mining. However at the moment I have just three drives for mining burst. If I get many more (with 1 thread per drive) the system might slow down when reading from all drives at once.

I also run a TeamSpeak server on the system as well.

So far it is plenty for what I need.