Hard drives for sale for Burstcoin or Bitcoin. Free shipping in US


Hi my name is Peter Skrzyniarz. I am new to this forum. I was always on burst-team site
For trust i am posting a link to my facebook and linkedin page so you know who you are dealing with. I can’t post links so just add the part below to the address page in either facebook or linkedin


I am selling some used hard drives. They come in a box with a power cable and USB 3.0 cable.
Selling to US addresses only. Free shipping.

2 Easystore 8TB - $150
2 Mybook 4TB - $75
1 Mybook 2TB - $40
1 Seagate slim 4TB - $65
2 LaCie Porsche design 8TB - $175

----------------------------------------------------- Full package - $800 (save $105)

You can email me at --------- peterskrzyniarz@gmail.com ----------- with your request and choice of payment (Burstcoin or bitcoin) and i will send an address and amount due.

Once the coins are received I will send a tracking # of the shipment 24 hours. I will also have it shipped within 24 hours (Not including weekends, will ship Monday)