Hardware mining advices and plotsize


Hi @ all :slight_smile:

I ive started mining Burst last year and it was a nice experience, now i am going to expand a bit the mining.

i was able to forge 2 blocks with maybe 5 TB in december 2017.
that was with poc1, since that time seems a lot of good things happend to Burst.

I expanded to 2 x 12 TB western Digital gold edition, plot files seems working with Blago for me, only takes 4 days for each xD

afterwords i will need to convert the plotfiles from the old 5 TB drive.

  1. which parameters on the hardware for Burstmining is important ?

my thought was that mainly the Capacity is the most important part ?

  1. does it make sense do run Drives in a raid system to get a higher Plotsize ?

  2. I am mining on 0-100 cryptoguru and it seems my Deadline count stopped at 352 ?
    Valid Deadlines Last 360 Blocks

thx for help :slight_smile:


Yes, capacity is the most important part.

If you raid all your drives together, the scan time will be slower. Scan time is the 2nd most important part. Usually people try set a goal for 30 secs or less…the goal is to make sure you can submit your deadlines each block (even the fast blocks).

That number of submitted deadlines is fine…you just didn’t have good enough deadlines to submit for the others. Just make sure your effective capacity stays around your real capacity.


hi, its me again xD

i have a few more questons about 50-50 pool and the 0-100 pool from cryptoguru

  1. it says that a blockfinder gets 0%(0-100) or 50%(50-50) of the block reward, but i ve looked around on some blockfinders during the last few days, and it seems that block reward is also disributed on tne 0.100 pool ?

so i am a bit confused about those block finder rewards ?
so the historic shares are the “not blockfinder” shares ?

  1. i ve played around a bit with deadlines, but it seems the best to use the predefined in the miner menu in the client. more info on this would be nice :slight_smile:

actually the rig is 22 tb , after 2 more plotfiles the rig will be 28 TB, so which pool should i use ?
i hope to find a block sometimes and get a reward for it, so i switched to 50-50 from 0-100, but not sure if that makes sense ?


50-50 - block finder gets 50% of the block, other 50% is distributed according to historical shares
0-100 - 100% of block is distributed according to historical shares

They also have a 100-0 pool, which the blockfinder gets basically all of the block reward minus fees.

If you look under the quick info tab on the pools, you can use the calculator to determine the recommended target deadline. You should go back and recalculate once a week.



I have 3 plotfiles at the moment:
2x 11 tb
1x 3 tb
= 25 TB , actually only 20 TB gets displayed on the pool.
is Target Deadline = Deadline Limit ?


btw 100-0 sounds like a pool for solominer ?
when someone mines solo, then there is no need for a pool i guess ?

is there a difference between creepminer and blagominer ?


Yes, target deadline = deadline limit.

100-0 is for someone that doesn’t want to make sure their local wallet is always running perfectly for solo mining.

creepminer is also available for linux, and also supports gpu mining. blagominer is just cpu…but probably the most used


thank you so much for answering all my newbish questions, that was very helpful :kissing_closed_eyes:

seems the last few TB slowly creeping up , and looking, good, now only thing i need is some luck to catch a block :yum: