Hdd writing scoops

Till the last disk I’ve plotted my writing speed was ~110MB/s and that was 2 weeks ago. Now when I start to plot my writing speed is 45-50 MB/s. The disks are the same model and capacity. In the task manager there is not any other program using my disks. Does anybody know how to fix this.
thank you

Are you using external drives? It’s possible that the drives inside are different models.

For example:

Yes. I’m using external drives. But I tried to plot the same drive I’ve plotted before and now the speed is mostly 3 times low.

run an analysis of the disks with a disk defragmenter if its fragmented it was struggling to plot contiguously and using a caching file copy mechanism such as fastcopy will move that plot to another disk contiguously with a large memory buffer say 4 to 8 gb. even then it might be fragmented but much less fragments. Then the disk needle will be less frantically aligning to fragments and read faster and efficiently. note plotting on a Linux pc with its file system it is impossible to have a fragmented plot.

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