Hell everyone, brand new confused miner!

Greetings everyone, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around mining BURST coin for the last couple of days, jumped right in and tried the GPU plotter, but just ended up with a headache, so I let Xplotter do its thing and plot my drives. I’ve got them plotted correctly now I hope but was confused on mining and redirecting to the pool address. I did visit a faucet and got 1 burst which I used to name my account, which now I don’t know if that was necessary. Not I’d like to start mining but need to redirect the payout of course. WOuld someone be willing to send me a little BURST to get started? I can’t find any other faucets that aren’t dried up, and can’t mine apparently until I get the redirection in. I looked at solo mining, but I don’t have a lot of space (3TB right now) and even still it says I need a passphrase for a BURST account I don’t recognize. I’m not sure if that’s a default of the miner or what’s going on there. Anyhow, my address is BURST-6LPP-5PE9-GT4R-2XE9N if anyone could help me out. Thanks much!

Looks like you found a couple burst, good luck!