Hello all you happy Bursters!


My name is Adam Catrini. I have been interested in Burst since the beginning, but have only recently officially joined the community. I have been watching quietly as things with Burstcoin unfolded and have decided this is one of the greatest communities in the cryptocurrecy industry. I have been researching, trading, mining, and holding digital coins since late 2014. I was part of the Ethereum ICO in 2015 and lost everything I was holding when Cryptsy fell. I had over 4000 ETH on that site, so it was a hugh hit for me. This was because I had to work in NY through 2016 and took a break from the crypto world just until I could move out of the state. When my father died I move to Florida to stop my sister from stealing everything just to be too late and not having what I need to payoff my fathers funeral, but to find out that Cryptsy was a scam and I lost what would be over 1mil USD today was an entirely different kick in the four points of contact . I’m not looking for sympathy, only because I will always find my shortcomings in any situation and learn from them. I try to keep a fair and balanced point of view, but stay objective. I am an accomplished veteran of OIF II and a legitimate business man. I believe with legitimacy and transparency the sky is the limit. I have a few ideas that may help Burstcoin’s development and will bring them to the community when the are more refined. I have a small team of people that will help me, and our focus will be Burstcoin business development. We will use all the tools available to use via the Burstcoin wallet to make great things happen for Burst and the community. We are currently working on a business plan we will release shortly for a crowd-funding that will be turned into an asset. This plan will be well thought out and will cover almost any question people may have. My team and I are looking forward to become assets to the community and getting to know everyone. We will never beg, borrow, or steal. If we deal, it will always be fair, and a win for both parties. If you have any questions for me I will be around and participating in topics, so please feel free to ask.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

Adam Catrini


Hey @Cathold,
welcome to GETBURST, you are going to love it.
After many BURST adventures, I am still here and not going anywhere :wink:

I am very sorry to learn about your lose, but I can tell from you message that you are someone that always see the positive, even in the worst of times. It is great to meet you and learn about you.
I fell in love with BURST in March and I think that it has a great future.
If everyone is as honest and positive as you are, this place will be awesome.

Can’t wait to hear about all of your BURST adventures and projects.
They sound great.
See you around :slight_smile:


Thank you @Estie_Trixie for the words of solace, they are greatly appreciated!

Yes positive. After all you can not have gain with out loss and vise versa.

I would love to hear every single adventure you have had. Not just in Burst but in the world.

I support all cryptocurrencies of course. But Burstcoin looks to me to be by far the greatest community and has the most potential of becoming very popular. We just need more forums and more people getting involved. This forum is going to be great. Well I’m here if you need anything, so just ask.


Welcome @Cathold.Adam, I’m sorry that you lost your father. I’ve got two very elderly parents and my family will have to face this soon.

Hello @Estie_Trixie! Again! Hope the Summer has been good to you guys way up North there.


Thanks @Evo, It will be hard, if you need any help on the process or legal research done, I will be more then willing to help you in your time of need. Roads are meant to be hard and are traveled by everyone. It’s just easier not having to travel alone.


one day maybe I will talk about all of those adventures, but only the great ones.
For now I am getting ready to start a business and that is my big Summer and Autumn adventure. :wink:
I have been working on my project for the last 4 years and this year, is the year!
I don’t want to jinx-ti, so I will leave it there for now, but as soon as everything is set and going, I will announce it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Evo so nice to see you here. My summer was and is still insane. I have just started trading, actively again, I had and still have so much work outside. How about you? It has been so long :slight_smile: I hope you had a wonderful summer. I can’t wait for us to catch up

This is going to be fantastic :grin:


@Estie_Trixie I am looking forward to seeing it. I have been working on refining the idea I have for about 2 years, but couldn’t point my finger down on which community to propose it to. Over the last year I started to be drawn more and more into Burst and pulled the trigger to put myself out there. I would love to send you my business plan when I finish tweaking it so you can read it over and tell me what you think. It will be done no later then Wednesday. I also love corrective criticism. So let me know if you would like to be one of the first to see it and I will send it. Plus, it will be good to have some fresh eyes review it and I will not make it public until I am comfortable with the initial feedback. Plus you will have my support for your all and any of your ventures, you can count on it.


@Cathold That would be wonderful, I always love to see new projects.
I am really busy, but I will take the time.
For now I am lurking and discovering the new forum.
I am someone that likes to participate and know the BURST family.
Thanks for your support.
As you know starting up something is always scary, but that just means it is worth it :wink:


Really and truly Outstanding!! Thank you! I will PM you soon enough. Talk soon :grin:

I also see your pretty see your royalty in these parts, so the honor of meeting and speaking with you is all mine, My Lady.


Welcome to the community !

I have similar goals it seems for what I would like to accomplish/contribute to the community so we should definitely get in touch.



Thank you @Neq, and yes we should. I had a full plate today and the same tomorrow. But I will shoot you a PM some time with in the next couple of days and we can go over details. I need as much input as possible, as I believe you feel the same. Very nice to meet you!


Awesome, look forward to hearing from you @Cathold !

And yes, most definitely


Hey @Cathold,
Hahahahahahaha! Thank you, but unfortunately I am not royalty, far from it :wink:
If I was the Queen, I would be The Crypto-Queen and crypto would be everywhere.

I am the Unicorn Queen, here the help all Bursters in need and ready to learn from all of them.
I have so much to learn and I am loving it :heart_eyes_cat: