Hello all!


Hello all!

I would want to say “fellow bursters” but I dont have any burst yet… soo… yeah… (hehe). Anyone help me out?


So maybe I’ll later can call myself a fellow burster? :slight_smile: I really like this coin; the community seems nice and the tech by using harddrives instead of “traditional” PoW mining is interesting!


Hey there @BurstYoYo,
welcom to GETBURST, it is awesome.
As a personal rule, since I am a moderator, I do not give out BURST, but I will help you find a solution and get you some faucet links:



I hope this help and if you need anything just ask and I will do my best to help and if I can’t, I am certain that some one will. This is a great place and everyone work tougher to make it a great new BURST home.

Have a great time and fun!
See you around :blush:


Sent you a couple Burst to get started, and if you need more, use the faucets that @Estie_Trixie suggested :wink: Welcome!


Wow ryanw! Thank you!! Ill surely pay it forward!

Found a couple of these faucets but they did not work for me. Some 404 and some where I had to watch ADs to get 0.02 or something bursts. Watched a couple but did not get any reward :-/. But it does not matter now, as I’m not able to mine (as I understand my wallet was not “online” before I got inbound transaction?).


You need to secure your wallet with an outbound transaction such as changing the name, changing reward recipient, etc.


thank you for the heads up!


Ehhh… I did a badie. I think i joined the wrong pool. I joined Ninja, but I see that their deadline is very low, seems to low for my 4TB disk.

Sooooo… could anyone thow me a burst, so I can change pool :smiley: BURST-CCH6-6DGX-TPCX-722AW

I’m learning as Im going here, #lol.


Hey @BurstYoYo,
just sent some to you some :wink:
Good luck!
After my first reply on this thread, we decide to do this so more members could get help.


Many many thanks! I’ll do some research and try do find a decent pool!


Here a list. If some pools. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QLlyQystTSPAVwAsB4BCAVP4FF6a00JQ5edsJrFhfcg/edit?usp=sharing. I just up date it