Hello Everyone - Want To Give You All A Heads Up


Now that a bunch of people have started moving in here, I want to reiterate one thing that you probably read when you joined…

This is a no drama zone. So, any topics or posts or whatever referring at all to any issues among people in the community are not welcome. I’m going to have to be a dick about it…seriously. This forum will be heavily moderated. I want to make that clear to everyone.

I’m not going to be ban happy, but you will probably see posts disappear, or partially deleted. Instead of wondering where the line is on what is acceptable or not, there will be no line. We will pretend that disagreements, arguments, and drama does not exist. It’s unfortunate, but this is how I think this forum should be ran for the time being.

All we’ll be doing here is moving forward with Burstcoin. As time goes on, things can change, but, once more I’d like to make it clear that even the slightest mention of the community drama will be removed.

That being said, thank you all for coming, and I’m looking forward to what this forum can achieve!


One more thing I want to bring up is that I am continually having to tweak the settings on this from from their defaults…so if you are having trouble posting, or are being limited in any way, please msg me.

Also, please make use of the flag option for any posts that you think should not be here…that will be the fastest way to bring them to my attention.