Hello Everyone!


Hello everyone! Im new to mining and new to burst. I like the fact it is a HDD miner, pretty cool. I’m having a concern with the all in one wallet. Ive tried a few different download sites and each one gets flagged as “This file contains a virus or malware.”. At this point i do not continue with the download. Should it be doing this? Is my 'puter flagging this as a false positive? Does it do this to everyone or am i special? Is there a work around for this or a DL site that doesn’t throw up malware warnings? My apologies if this long winded post is in the wrong section, I can delete it later if need be. - Mike


And for what its worth I so far have “Burst_db” and QBundleMaster downloaded. if that helps.


The virus warning is because it contains a miner. Qbundle does not contain any AIO functions at the moment. Might change in future. but it will get your wallet up and runing pretty easy.


@Quibus Thank you. Ill get the download started.I can sleep much easier now.