Hello Everyone


I’m new to Burst but did GPU mining with a couple of rigs a year or so ago. I’m really looking forward to putting my plethora of external, mostly empty, drives to good use.

I just built a new Win10x64 box and will start down the road of adding drives and setting up the software.

Any good tutorials that aren’t over a year old?




Here are a couple to start out…this is for using the Burst Core wallet, not the AIO.


Thanks ryanw!

I’ve got my wallet set up, my block_db downloaded and updated and now creating a small plot to get this party started.



I could use a few coins please?

Thanks everyone. I’m really looking forward to making this a success for me and others.


Gotcha covered my friend 5 burst inbound, have fun!


Cool! Welcome to the burst community!


Hi @MasterMC welcome,
this is going to be great, just wait and see.
I hope you mining goes well.
See you at the party :wink: