Hello from down south


I just stumbled upon this forum and wanted to say hi. I’m Luny (Andrew), 33, from MS,USA, married, father of 2, and a lover of crypto. I am also the owner of lunysworld.com and in my spare time (when is that?!) I enjoy long walks on the beach, drinking until I can’t remember that i’m married and more.


Hey Andrew, thanks for joining us! I like your website…I see you mine both Burst and Storj like I do. I have the same thing going for me (no great graphics cards), but on top of that, it gets too dang hot where I have my computers, so HDD mining just works out better for me now.

Glad you’ve found us, we’re at the beginning of a Burstcoin rebirth…longtime Bursters and new people coming in now will be seeing their investments pay off in the future :slight_smile:


Hey welcome to the site @lunyyft !

Checked out your blog :slight_smile: Look forward to growing the community alongside you!


Hey @lunyyft,

Saw your blog, Awesome. As soon as I get a phone back I will purchase and read your poems. I usually like to drink until I forgot I smoked, the smoke til I forgot I was drunk, just haven’t had time to either as of late. I am glad to have met you and welcome!


Hallo und einen wunderschönen Tag,mir geht es genauso mein Leptop wollte auch das Minen mit der Festplatte nicht,habe auch auf HDD-Bergbau umgestellt natürlich mit wenig Stromverbrauch wegen der Umwelt bin damit super zufrieden und bin überzeugt das es ein gute Investion für die Zukunft ist.Freue mich hier dabei zusein.


I thought I would post the english of your post through google translate - it’s rough but we can get the idea :slight_smile:

rosivw -

Hello and a wonderful day, it is the same as my Leptop did not want also the mines with the hard drive, synonymous to HDD mining converted of course with little power consumption because of the environment is thus super satisfied and am convinced that it is a good investment for the future Is here.


@lunyyft welcome to GETBURST, it is wonderful to see you here, very happy you found us.
Nice website, just check it out, I like it :slight_smile:

I am happy to meet you and I can’t wait to learn more.
I am also married, maybe I should start drinking so I can forget and start over again. :joy:
I am a lover of all that is crypto and this is my new BURST home. I hope you love it as much as I do and that you will have a great time.
Great to see that you are mining, awesome!
If you need help do not hesitate to ask there is always someone ready to help.
See you around and have a great time.