Hello, need 1 Burst

Hi everybody,

I had all the errors in the Burst wallet and finally, everything is working, can anyone send me, please 1 Burst so I can start the mining




It looks like you have already received a coin, and have set your reward recipient to fastpool.info. You have your public key, and all you need to do now is start mining :slight_smile: Good luck!

Yes you are right, I paid fastpool and start mining, but got nothing

I though I need to pay every time I start

I should see something when I mine? I didn’t get any coins or in the “blocks forged by me” there are none

I did mine for 3 days

Are you sure you were mining? How much space did you plot?

I was ploting 102G and start mining on the fastpool

You will not see many deadlines for that amount of space I’m sorry to say. You may get just a few coins per month with that amount unfortunately.