Hello, need help to get start mining


Hey, I want start mining with 24 TB.
What is the best pool for it?

Can anyone help me to start with one burst?


I will send back if mining start.

Thanks a lot


Sending over a coin,

NOTE When you get a burst choose reward recipient to a pool for mining
and do not worry about anything else that resolves when you start mining

Crypto oGGy



Thanks a lot.
Now I must plot.
I send your Burst back when start Mining.


Error is coming at reward.
Rewardassignment did not succeed.
Do you know why?


I have watched the transfer have been successful




yes i get your coin. thanks.
But how reward setup is?




Hi Horstbit

I will make a video on How To Set Your Reward Recipient for Beginners and post a link here when I’m done


I dont understand how.
Its not so easy i thought.


I set it now. Can I start the Miner or is anything I must do now?


Can anyone lock at my adress if is everthing ok?


looks like you’re all set