Hello, problems with new sistem minning


Hi, first of all, thank you for allowing me to be in the community.
I have been a Burst miner, before the problems that affected the wallets, I have kept mining, all the time, believing that at some point would be solved,
I see that it has already been solved. However, with the changes, I have not been able to re-mine, all my mining coins, has been losing, because it was under the previous system, the wallet where the pool is placed, the account and ready, however, I do not achieve Based on what I read, make the new system work, could someone tell me how to continue to mine and receive the benefits? Thank you


Hello, I’ve read your post over a couple times, but I still don’t understand exactly what the problem is. What I understand is that you were mining, and now you aren’t able to mine?


Hello Ryanw,
Yes, before I mining well, with Burst Wallet AIO see 0.3.97, now still the process of mining, but my wallet is not credited anything


We’ll try to help you the best we can with this. How long ago were you mining?
How long did you mine for?
What is your wallet address, dm it to @ryanw or myself

Were you pool mining or solo mining?
If pool, which one?


Yes, please answer the questions Trinity asked. It seems that maybe your local wallet just isn’t working…


Either that or the pool hasn’t paid out yet because your balance may be too small.


}]Hello Trinity, i was mining since july, I mining as usual 24/7, dedicated computer my wallet add is BURST-VCAG-BNM4-C88P-9VNZ7, I’m mining in pool, in pool.burstcoin.space, And until August 8 2017 all ok, then I could not enter the wallet online through burst client for win v., and in the local wallet told me that the database was damaged and had to remove it, I did it and regenerated the blockchain, since there, there have been no payments and the online wallet tells me ever that I have lost the last 10 blocks,
I keep mining, but there are no payments anymore


The last payment this address recieved was on the 22nd, 3 days ago. It has a current balance of 11 burst.


yes, only that payment, before it was continuous and did not send me that message of the lost blocks, it was about every 3rd day, I even came to think that I did not receive anything


And I have not made any changes in the hardware, everything is exactly the same


And you are sure that your miner is still running, right?


yes, I can not upload image as a new user, but it has been 24/7 since July, and all July without problems, until it happened the DDos attacks, I assume, I had to change or act many things in order to continue to mine


Perfect. Thank you for all of the info, lets get this worked out.

First, we don’t own or manage that pool of course, but I’ll reach out to whoever does so we can deal with the possibly lost burstcoin from the pool.
If any of you guys happen to know off top of your head who the owner is, just post it here.

Owner of Pool: Menaxarius

So it sounds like you need to somewhat reset your miner. Lets get you back to mining while we wait for the owner of that pool to reply to either this post or me reaching out to him/her.

Lets get you on the correct wallet first:
Burstcoin Wallet

This is the most stable at the moment.

Go download a database so you don’t have to wait for sync as long.
Burstcoin Database Downloads:

Extract the database files, and copy them to C:\User\Youruser\AppData\Burst\burst_db
If that folder doesn’t exist, create it

Now reboot your pc just because.

Rebooted? Start your wallet up, wait 15 minutes, then check it again.

Let me know if this help