Hello World!


I am rico666. Information technology god extraordinaire. More or less.
I like the fresh look of this forum and the premises it started with (no drama).

As a member of the PoCC I’m trying to do my best to get BURST back on track.


oh ok :smirk:
Also, thank you for doing this for BURST! :slight_smile:


im liking the block explorer- pretty fluid and functional and fast- nice work


@rico666 Thank you for joining in! Many of us are excited about what is to come for Burst.


Hello there ,PoCC was the BEST thing to ever happen to Burst.Thank you for doing this.Go Burst go!!hehehe


Hi @rico666 welcome,
awesome to have a God among us :joy:
BURST is already getting back on track, with people like you joining us.
Great to have you here.
See you around :slight_smile: