Help getting started mining


BURST-JQRG-4PV9-2YST-BJH3C a few burst would be appreciated all faucets dried up. Glad to get into this community. Thanks in advance.


A couple on the way…welcome!


thank you so much…i look forward to paying it forward!


so I used the burst coins i was given but my account still says invalid and my reward recipient while now registering shows as a mismatch. what am i getting wrong i’ve used all my burst and the only thing i can think to do is change my reward assignment again which i can’t afford to do. Any guidance would be great. Thanks in advance.


You should wait at least 4 blocks (15-20minutes) before your reward assignment is changed.

If you are still having problems now, we can walk through this.


i can’t change my reward assignment. i get not enough funds error


i’ve waited 30 blocks


I have sent a couple more.

Use this to change reward assignment, or wait until you are absolutely sure your local wallet is synced.


Also, please use this pool there is NO FEE unlike many others.


ok. thank you. i will advise of my results as i know our conversation can help users to come.


do i just type in the provided URL with https?


You will have to show me a screenshot of what you are talking about…type it where?


this is the issue im having with the pool you gave me


this is what i have now…please advise. thanks.


downloaded creepminer. this is all i get. I honestly am getting a little defeated by this.


@brad1990 I want to get you going here. First, I think your reward assignment hasn’t gone through because you haven’t synced up yet with the network. However, I’m only on my phone right now. I will be on in a little while to help you get started.

In the meantime, please install Qbundle and use this instead of the Windows AIO. The software you are using is going to be retired very soon. Qbundle is the preferred windows application right now.

Here is a guide to getting started with that:


Ok, looking at your account in the explorer, it looks like your reward assignment is already done.

I know it will be a pain to switch software, but the one you are using is going to be left behind. The third screenshot you posted shows me that your plotfile looks ok, so all we need to do is get you going with Qbundle.

Fair warning - believe it or not, your plotfile is very small. Expect an average of 1-2 Burst per day over a long period of time. Also, this rate will steadily decrease as more people start mining.


thanks ryan just got home downloading qbundle now. not worried about plotfile atm. doing a POC then i will be building a 100+ TB monster. I am an IT by trade but new to mining for some background. I appreciate all the help.


Great! I actually just put Qbundle on an old mining rig I have had running. It actually had some very old version of the one you had installed earlier. It took me just a few minutes to set up and get the plots added to the interface, and off it went :slight_smile:

After starting, I really suggest going into the database options and switching to MariaDB for the most reliable experience. You can then import a large chunk of the blockchain from the cryptoguru repository and be on your way.